Tektronix Consignment Sales

Tektronix Consignment Sales

If you have excess Tektronix test equipment, we can help you sell your assets through our consignment program. Consignment sales typically bring higher returns than in house sales or auction efforts that companies sometime undertake on their own with poor results and higher risk.

Test equipment consignment and refurbishment services help position your test gear for optimum marketability to a qualified commercial customer base interested in high quality test instrumentation only. This sales effort is crafted based on the Tektronix model numbers you have and designed for optimum investment recovery by giving your assets targeted visibility to qualified users of the same products. Not just consumers looking to get a good deal at a low price. Your equipment is advertised to our database of corporate customers and end users worldwide. We add value and do the work for you, the decision to sell is all yours, we obtain the offers from buyers for your consideration. We sell and market using our brand, and take care of warehouse, storage, repair, shipping, warranty, and after sale support. The agreement is simple, you receive 70% of the collected sales proceeds and 30% is our consignment services fee.

Allow Time to Work to Your Advantage

Depending on the date of sale targets you may have, the price may be impacted. For example, more time is usually equivalent to higher sale prices, given ample time for us to market the assets properly. If you are not a patient seller, we can move your equipment faster using lower prices to encourage a match with more urgency to those buyers keen for an immediate deal.

All we need is your verification of your surplus Tektronix model numbers, the condition they are in, when they can ship and your target prices. You send us a list. We then prepare the agreement for your approval.

Please note, if you only want to sell your surplus test equipment immediately, and time is of the essence, we can make you an offer to purchase.

All Brands of Test Equipment Qualify For Consignment

If you have non-Tektronix test equipment we are interested to include in consignment sales as well. Any type of test equipment is highly desirable using the consignment sales process.

How can we help with your Tektronix and Keithley test equipment needs? Contact us today for a quote.