Sell Your Surplus Test Equipment

At Test Equipment Connection, we are committed to helping you maximize the value of your surplus, excess, underutilized, New Old Stock (NOS), Dead-Stock, and Legacy Test & Measurement Equipment. We buy retired test equipment including Agilent, Anritsu, Cisco and all others daily.

Do you have equipment you aren't using? Whether you have excess, surplus or New Old Stock, or items that are idle or underutilized, Test Equipment Connection will help. We are constantly buying T&M solutions, and our inventory needs change daily.

Contact us today for cash offer or trade in credit towards the equipment you need. Prevent your equipment from becoming obsolete and protect your investment with the help of Test Equipment Connection

Retooling, Expanding, New Project, Project Ending?
All Great Reasons to Sell Us Your Underutilized or Retired Test Equipment!
  • Get Cash Today!
  • Get Trade In Credit toward New or Refurbished Equipment
  • Free up Cash to Redeploy on Another Project or for Expansion
  • Cut Costs and Save Money for Your Company Using Best Practices
  • Improve ROI, Operational Efficiency, Budget Management, and Planning of your Future Needs
  • Work with a Trusted Company with Over 19 years Experience in Buying Used Test Equipment
  • We Handle All Test Equipment in the Most Environmentally Conscious Way
  • Rarely Does Test Equipment Increase in Value as it Ages
  • Add Value to Your Company by Assuring a Life Cycle Management Process is in Place for Test Equipment

Is Your Company or Customer Going Out of Business?

We want to buy high tech assets. Does your employer have surplus test equipment or surplus IT equipment? Contact us today, if your company is rightsizing, take it a step further and monetize the high tech assets you no longer need.

Try our TECHNOLOGY RELOCATION service exclusively offered by Test Equipment Connection Corporation's asset management group.