Anritsu Consignment Sales

Anritsu Consignment Sales

If you are looking to sell Anritsu test equipment, we can help you recover more using our test equipment consignment program.

We are confident our asset refurbishment and consignment services will ultimately recover the highest value to you. We market your equipment to our database of over 200,000 T&M end users worldwide. Any decision to sell is 100% yours, we bring the offers to you for your approval. We interact with the buying customer and take care of all specifics such as repair, warranty, and after sale support. You receive 70% of the collected amount and 30% is our fee.

We have a professional team that can travel anywhere in the world to help process and stage your assets for sale. This includes all logistics such as testing, cleaning, packing and shipping.

Time = More Money to You

If you are a patient seller, consignment can be the most lucrative type of asset sale to consider. Time allows us to advertise and promote effectively and thoroughly, in lieu of an immediate liquidation that results in low recovery.

All we need is your verification of the items, when they can ship and your target prices and we prepare the consignment agreement for you. It is a very simple process.

Consignment saves you the time and hassle of trying to sell assets yourself. It can free up valuable warehouse space if you are moving or shutting down a facility. Your test equipment assets are advertised and promoted to specific end users depending on the model number and type of equipment. Until sold, your assets are stored in a secure security supervised warehouse in the USA or Hong Kong, depending on the most desirable market for the items.

Transparency in Your Sale and Remarketing Process

Consignment also allows for a high integrity sale, eliminating and “sweetheart” sales at below market prices to ex-employees or business cronies. The “back door” deal is eliminated, allowing true market demand to prevail at higher prices than an auction liquidation.

Demand for Anritsu products is robust on the global secondary market. We remarket all varieties of Anritsu solutions including the Site Master, Spectrum Master, Cell Master, BTS Master, Bluetooth Test Set, Wireless Test Set, Digital Mobile Radio Tester, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Analyzer, Radio Communication Analyzer, Power Meter, and VNA Master.

Any offer for immediate purchase by us will typically be lower than the targeted consignment recovery in the above scenario. If you are interested in monetizing your asset(s) immediately please let us know and we will submit a purchase offer for your consideration.

How can we help with your test equipment needs? Contact us today for a consignment consultation.